Foundation Grant Application

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One of the charitable purposes of The Henrietta Lacks Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”) is to provide financial support to individuals with financial need who have made significant contributions to scientific research without informed consent or without reciprocal benefit, including without limitation contributions of biological material made unwillingly or unknowingly, or a family member of such persons.

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In order to help the Foundation identify appropriate beneficiaries of the Foundation’s financial grants (“Foundation Grants”), please complete the application below and submit it, with appropriate attachments for the Board to review.

Grant Application

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At its sole discretion, the Foundation may follow up with you for more information (including, without limitation, financial information) to help make its decision with regards to your Application. Please note your submission of this Application for a Foundation Grant does not guarantee you the Foundation’s financial support. The Foundation will consider an assortment of factors in identifying the appropriate beneficiaries of the Foundation Grants, including, without limitation: availability of funds, number of applicants, financial status, and individual need.