To qualify for a grant you must prove financial need and have been a subject in, or be the family member or descendant of someone who was a subject in, historic research conducted on individuals—particularly within minority communities—without their knowledge or consent. Examples of such cases include but are not limited to the use of Henrietta Lacks’s cells and her children and genetic material in research without consent; the Tuskegee Syphilis Studies; and The Human Radiation Experiments.

The following are currently considered eligible categories for grant recipients:

(i) Education-related expenses [specifically, tuition and book expenses for accredited institutions]

(ii) Certain health care expenses not covered by insurance or other public health programs

(iii) Pre-approved emergency expenses related to medical emergencies and/or maintaining employment

To help ensure that the Foundation’s grants are available for a wide range of potential recipients, the Board has established certain internal guidelines and restrictions on the amount of grants that may be issued to a single recipient. The Board may change these limits in the future based on Foundation resources.

The Foundation awards grants twice a year to facilitate administration efforts and review of the numerous grant applications. To ensure that your application is reviewed in a timely fashion, please submit prior to the applicable deadlines:

Deadline for Fall/Winter Grants:  May 1

Deadline for Spring/Summer Grants:  November 1

If you believe you are eligible and would like to apply for a grant, click here for a grant application. If you have any questions regarding the grant application or anything else related to the Foundation, please email the Foundation.

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