“The foundation helped me achieve my dream of going to nursing school. It helped me with tuition, and with advising. I am now working as a registered nurse in infectious diseases, and I’m excited to someday soon to apply for more funds to attend a graduate nursing program.”
-Victoria Baptiste, Henrietta Lacks’ great granddaughter


“Thanks to the Henrietta Lacks Foundation I can now smile without feeling upset about my teeth. The foundation gave me grant money to fix a painful dental problem when I really needed help and had no other options. The foundation also gave me an emergency assistance grant that helped me keep my job when my car broke down and I was unable to work because of it. I appreciate knowing that the foundation is there to help me when I need it. My mother, Deborah Lacks, would be very happy to see the foundation helping so many family members in the way it has—this is something she always wanted to see happen.”
-LaTonya Carter, Henrietta Lacks’ granddaughter

“The foundation provided me with means to attend community college and finish my CN/GNA for EKG, phlebotomy and medical language studies. I had to stop school to take care of my grandmother after a stroke and to help with some family issues, and the foundation has allowed me a stipend of money so I’m able to go back to school, which other scholarships wouldn’t do because I’d been out of my program for a certain amount of time. I’m excited to be back in school and continuing into the field of advanced nursing with an interest in anesthesia and and medical research. Going to college has given me the ability to be able to better communicate with other people and feel more comfortable when I’m in different settings with other people.”
-Veronica Spencer, Henrietta Lacks’ great granddaughter


“When I needed a costly dental procedure the foundation got my teeth repaired and I’ve been smiling ever since!  It gave me a better outlook on life, I could smile without putting my hands over my mouth, which I’d always done.  It made me feel more positive — it helped me not just with a smile but it gave me confidence and the boost I needed represent the legacy of my Grandmother with pride, and have a successful life. I’m so happy the foundation is able to help other people too. In life my grandmother Henrietta loved to take care of people, which is what she does with her cells as part of her everlasting legacy. It means a lot to me that The Henrietta Lacks Foundation is part of that legacy and that it helps not just the Lacks family but others too, just as Henrietta would have wanted it.”
-Kimberly Lacks, Henrietta Lacks’ granddaughter

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